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            ABOUT US

            廣州博科健康科技集團有限公司,是化妝品專業的大型的OEM/ODM生產企業,始建于1996年,是中國同行業規模較大、品類最齊、技術研發 實力最強的企業之一,化妝品創建于1996年,現有員工600多人,擁有博科、蓓科、秉科生物、秉科(醫藥)、絲安妮5家工廠,廠房面積共計5萬多平方米,39條GMP標準生產線。

            于2016年,廣州博科健康科技集團創建了國內一流的技術研發中心及產品功效評價中心,研發、分析、檢測等各類技術人員60余人,在化妝品研發及品控方面始終處于行業前沿,已研發出包括洗護、彩妝、中高端護膚、功能性化妝品、消字號產品、 械字號產品在內的7000多個優質產品配方,是中國美妝行業不可或缺的工匠型企業。

            ?Founded in 1996, B&C Group is one of the best professional OEM/ODM production enterprises of cosmetics with large scale, comprehensive categories of products, and advanced R&D strengths.The Group is made up of five factories of Bingke, B&C, Beike, Bingke Medicine and Sanoem which have 39 GMP standard production lines, more than 600 employees with a coverage of more than 50,000 square meters. In 2016, The Group established a top-rank technology development and product testing center, with over 60 technicians specialized in R&D, analyzing, testing and etc. Being at the forefront of the industry all along, The Group has so far developed more than 7000 formulas of products including personal care, makeup products, mid-to-high-end skin care, functional cosmetics, disinfection products, and medical instrument products, making it an indispensable enterprise with craftsmanship in Chinese cosmetics industry.

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